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People born when Virgo is rising will exhibit their intelligence and memory when quite young. They will be middle-sized persons and exhibit taste in art and literature. Their chest will be prominent and when afflicted, they become weak. They are discriminating and emotional and are carried away by emotions, they have the capacity to judge things from a glance. They love music and fine arts and acquire much power to influence others. They are liable to nervous breakdowns and paralysis when the Ascendant is afflicted. They can become great writers or philosophers. Contact for Free Virgo Horoscope.

The Sun in Virgo

Native would be a linguist, poet, mathematician, taste for literature, well read, scholarly, artistic, good memory, reasoning faculty, effeminate body, frank, lucid comprehension, learned in religious lore, reserved, wanting adulation.

The Moon in Virgo
Mercury in Virgo

Lovely complexion, almond eyes, modes, sunken shoulders and arms, very charming, attractive, principled in life, comfortable, affluent lifestyle, sweet speech, honest and truthful, modest, virtuous, intelligent, phlegmatic, acute sight, pensive, has many daughters, loquacious, has a bent towards astrology, skilled in arts like music and dance.

Learned, virtuous, liberal, fearless, ingenious, handsome, irritable, refined, subtle, intuitive, sociable, lacks self-control, morbid and sullen, imaginative, difficulties in life, very good in speech, good author, priest or astronomer.

Jupiter in Virgo
Venus in Virgo

Medium stature, ambitious, selfish, stoical, affectionate, fortunate, lovable, stingy at times, good spouse, great endurance and well learned.

Petty-minded, licentious, unscrupulous, unhappy, illegal relations, fragile, loquacious, rich, well learned.


Saturn in Virgo


Mars in Virgo

Free Virgo Horoscope

Dark complexion, malicious, poor, quarrelsome, erratic, narrow-minded, rude, conservative, taste of public life, weak health.


Imitable, troubles in digestive system, marital unhappiness, love for the opposite sex, revengeful, self-confident, conceited, affable, boastful, materialistic, positive, indiscriminate, pretentious, deceptive, has a scientific bent.


Virgo Governs

Stomach of kalapurusha, arts, sciences, literature, meadows, grassy plains, banks, exchange places, large manufacturing cities, secret organizations, industries, brothels, oceanic surface, nurseries and gambling rendezvous.


Medical astrology- Virgo- Anatomical Parts

Bowels, and solar plexus, carpus, alimentary canal, metacarpus, duodenum, phalanges, abdomen.

Common Diseases for Virgo

Constipation, masturbation, arthritis, anus troubles, venereal complaints.

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