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People under this Ascendant are fair, stout and moderately tall. They are reserved in nature and known to take premature decisions hastily. They are religious and orthodox in religious pursuits. They are stubborn, rather timid and ambitious to exercise authority over others. They are true friends and excel in education. They are restless in nature and are fond of history, antiques and mythology. They are frugal in financial matters. They fear to transgress laws. They lack self-confidence in general. Contact for Free Pisces Horoscope.

The Sun in Pisces

Native would be a Pearl merchant, peaceful, wealthy, uneventful, religious, prodigal, loved by women.

The Moon in Pisces
Mercury in Pisces

Deals with pearls or shipping area, fixed in thoughts, fond of spouse and children, perfect build, long nose, bright body, annihilating enemies, subservient to the opposite sex, handsome , learned, steady, simple, good reputation in society around, loose morals at times, adventurous, many children, spiritually inclined in later life.

Dependent on others, serves others, dexterous, peevish, indolent, petty-minded, pious.

Jupiter in Pisces
Venus in Pisces

Good inheritance, stout, medium height, more than one marriage, enterprising, diplomatic, high position in profession.

Witty, tactful, learned, popular, just, ingenious, loves art, modest, refined, powerful, exalted, respected and pleasure loving.


Saturn in Pisces

Mars in Pisces


Clever, practical, gifted talents, polite, happy, good partner, trustworthy, wealthy and helpful to the needy and the poor.

Fair complexion, troubled love life or married life, few children, passionate, restless, antagonistic, exacting nature, uncertain, faithful, unclean, colic, indolent and willful.


Pisces Governs

Feet of kalapurusha, holy shrines, altars, sacred places and rivers, tanks, all oceans, hermitages, fountains, sacred pagodas, localities frequented by mahatmas, pumps, cisterns, fish ponds and excessive watery tracts.

Medical astrology- Pisces- Anatomical Parts

Lymphatic system, blood circulation, meta-tarsus.

Common Diseases for Pisces

Consumption, tuberculosis, mucous troubles and tumours.

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