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Persons born when Gemini is rising have a wavering mind, often tall and straight in nature, And active in motion, forehead broad, eyes clear and a snub nose. They are active and become experts in mathematical sciences. They would be jack of all trades but master of none. They are vivacious, but liable to be inconsistent.

They will have sudden breakdowns of the nerves and must exercise a certain amount. They have to move with caution with the opposite sex. A habit of self-control ought to be cultivated. Their mind will be often conscious of their own faults. They are liable to fraud and deception. If evil planets are found in Gemini, trickery and deceit would be their natural characteristics. Contact for Free Gemini Horoscope. Many of these traits can be corrected by proper training.

The Sun in Gemini

Native would be well-learned, astronomer, scholarly, grammarian, polite, wealthy, critical, assimilative, good conversationalist, shy, reserved, lacking in originality.

The Moon in Gemini
Mercury in Gemini

Persons born with the Moon in the house of Gemini are well-read, creative, fond of women, learned in religion, able, persuasive, curly hair, powerful speaker, clever and witty, dexterous, fond of music, elevated nose, thoughtful person, subtle and long life.

Physical labor inclined, boastful, sweet speech, tall, active, cultured, very tactful, indolent, inventive in ideas, good taster for literature and arts, breathing troubles likely, interest in music, studious.

Jupiter in Gemini
Venus in Gemini

Good speaking capability, tall, ell-built, benevolent, pure-hearted, sagacious, diplomatic, linguist, liking for poetry, elegant and incentive.

Rich, gentle, kind, generous, eloquent, proud, respected, gullible, loves fine arts, well learned, intelligent, follows logical principles, dual marriage probable, tendency towards materialism.


Saturn in Gemini

Mars in Gemini

Free Gemini Horoscope

Wandering nature, miserable, untidy, original, thin, subtle, ingenious, strategic, few children, likes sciences, narrow-minded, speculative, logical.

Has a loving family and children, good taste, refined nature, scientific, medium stature, well-built, learned, ambitious, quick, rash, ingenious, skilled in music, fearless, tactless, peevish, unhappy, subservient, diplomatic, humiliating, detective minded..


Gemini Governs

Musical and entertainment halls, brothels, dens frequented by fair girls and debauchers, shoulders of kalapurusha, carpenters, parks, gambling houses, cinemas, theaters, countries, noted for special manufactures and tracts where vice is largely found, libraries, granaries, storehouses, airplanes.

Medical astrology- Gemini- Anatomical Parts

Lungs, breath, nerve fibres.humorous, clavicles, shoulders, capillaries, lungs and tracheae scapula, upper ribs.

Common diseases for Gemini

Consumption of alcohol, pneumonia, rheumatism, asthma.

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