Halloween falls in the Scorpio Season. And this teaches us to accept death, secrets and mysteries and to be get quite comfortable with them. We are asked to connect to our intuition for guidance and hope. Scorpio marks the start of the winter season, which in earlier times was a period of death and starvation.

Halloween also called as Samhain marks the end of the Harvest season and advises us to brace for the ensuing winter. Hence Halloween has been a ritual to honor the earth in all its glory. The ancient Celts used to light up their dwellings to ward off evil souls. Somewhere around 900 AD Samhain became to be called as "All Souls Day" and then began to follow a Christian tradition.

Find below the Halloween Horoscopes for the 12 zodiac signs.

Aries Halloween Horoscopes

Halloween is a fun time for Aries with lots of music around. A time to switch to your loyalty and trust needs. Not a time to dominate, let your partner guide you. If you are stable and balanced then there would be much fun. A day of introspection where you can think of your future course of action. An air of suspense hangs around for Aries guys this Halloween.

Taurus Halloween Horoscope

Taurus, you are not one to accept changes, however be prepared for one during this Halloween. Be patient and adapt yourself for now. Be grounded and have a sense of positive energy around. A time when you can take up the good advise and help of friends. Be social and don�t hesitate to commit to relationships this day. Be ready to share your wares and be committed to your partner. Let him or her take the lead for the day, Taurus.

Gemini Halloween Horoscopes

This Halloween is a time for much fun and joy, but then be serious too as the planets are in for some hard work on your part, this day. A time to relook your personal and professional goals. Let your imagination ride wild, there would be ample opportunities for a major changeover. Make head-on decisions that result in a better you. Let your partner have his or her say too in this.

Cancer Halloween Horoscope

Halloween is all about home and home alone for Cancer guys. New friends come into your life this day, encompass them. A good time to bring your creativity to the table. Some romance is also on the cards. Have a fresh look about life and a wonderful time is promised for Cancer guys, do not retract to your shell now.

Leo Halloween Horoscopes

This Halloween day helps to better connect with your friends and love interests. You would be able to go on short picnics and get-togethers for the day. Also a good time to host a small party for your friends and family. Halloween helps you to re-establish some lost links in relationships for Leo guys. The planets favor your giving out rather than getting gifts for the day.

Virgo Halloween Horoscope

Use this Halloween day to strengthen your connections, Virgo. A time to introspect as to how you connect with others around. Shut down your obsessive nature a little and think about your future plans. A good friend or family member would be a shoulder for you to rest on this day. Spread goodness and positivity around, Virgo.

Libra Halloween Horoscopes

Libra, this Halloween would be a highly emotional day for you. It brings you more closer to people, something you yearn for. A good time to look out for material resources that you can gain or accrue. But then do not become too addicted to the same. Your hopes and ambitions would be refreshed for now. A thrilling day for you to behold, Libra.

Scorpio Halloween Horoscope

This Halloween day helps you to dream bigger possibilities, Scorpio. New starts would be fruitful in personal and professional domains. You would be packed with much power and energy, so dream big and act tough. Take time to remain still too this day. This is a day that you better remain in the shadows as many eyes are watching over..Life would be quite sweet, let it simmer for now.

Sagittarius Halloween Horoscopes

Let this Halloween day be a day of peace rather than being too wild and ruthless, Sage. Retreat and relax. Find solace in a close friend or partner. This is a great day to plan for the future and sow the seeds for better prospects. The day also promises wild adventure for Sages, but then do not overplay. Share your stuff with others around and see smiles and love.

Capricorn Halloween Horoscope

For this Halloween, take time off with friends and those on your level. A good time to introspect your standing among peers. If you want more socializing, then this is the day. There are endless possibilities, Cap. New friends come into your horizon, and your priorities might change as the day unwinds, beware.

Aquarius Halloween Horoscopes

Much fun is in store this Halloween for Aquarius guys. But then do honor your professional and personal commitments for the day. A good time to broaden your thinking, Aquarius. A sensitive period for you though, as some emotional upheaval would be around. Stay calm and cool though you seem to be brimming with energy. Be helpful to others around with a smile and a wink.

Pisces Halloween Horoscope

Pisces, do balance your priorities this Halloween day. Anything done with a consideration and commitment would be good for the day. Dream wild, however remain grounded. Make wishes and work towards their unfolding. A calm and peaceful day is in store for you. You would also be drawing huge attention. You might be brought to the fore by your creativity. Do get involved with friends and family for the day.

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