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People born under Leo will be majestic in appearance, broad shoulders, bilious constitution and bold and respectful temperament. They posses the knack to adapt themselves to any condition in life. They are rather ambitious and sometimes avaricious too. They are independent thinkers. They stick up to orthodox principles in religion but are perfectly tolerant towards other's practices. They are lovers of fine arts, and literature and posses a certain amount of philosophical knowledge. They are voracious readers.

If the Ascendant or the tenth house is afflicted then they may not succeed in life as much as they expect. They put forth much struggle. Their ambitions remain unfulfilled until their horoscope has some good Raj Yogas. They are capable of non-attachment and contentment. They must resist the temptation of yielding much to their partners if domestic happiness is to prevail. Contacts for Free Leo Horoscope

The Sun in Leo

Native would be stubborn, fixed views, strong, cruel, independent, organizing capacity and talents for propaganda, humanitarian, frequenting solitary places, generous, famous.

The Moon in Leo
Mercury in Leo

Bold, irritable, large cheeks, blonde, broad faced, brown eyes, repugnant to women, likes meat, interest in forests and hills, has colic troubles, inclined to be unhappy and haughty at times, has mental anxiety and worries always, liberal, generous, deformed body, steady, aristocratic, settled views, proud and very ambitious.

Shall have few children, wandered, idiotic, proud, indolent, not liked by women, boastful, orator, good memory capacity, poor, early marriage, independent thinking, impulsive in actions, positive thoughts, good profession, likes extensive traveling.

Jupiter in Leo
Venus in Leo

Commanding appearance, tall, great in life, easily offended, ambitious, active, happy, intelligent, wise and prudent, generous, broad minded, literary, harmonious with others, likes resorts and extensive travels.

Lovely partner, gains through spouse, passionate, fair complexion, emotional, zealous, licentious, premature conclusions, superior, undaunted by enemies.

Saturn in Leo
Mars in Leo
Free Leo Horoscope

Medium stature, sever, obstinate, few sons, stubborn, unfortunate, conflicting, hard -worker, good writer and evil-minded.

Has a tendency towards occult sciences, astrology, astronomy and mathematics, loves parents and siblings, gives due respect to elders, has independent thinking, peevish, liberal, victorious, has stomach ailments, mental worries and anxieties common, generous, noble, successful, combative in nature, restless.


Leo Governs

Heart of Kalapurusha, inaccessible creaks and rocks, jungles and thick forests frequently beasts, deep forests, forts, palaces, extensions, fortifications, smelters, government institutions, caves and mountains, chemical laboratories, explosives, manufacturing places, hunting places, glass factories and localities infected with beasts and birds of prey.


Medical astrology- Leo- Anatomical Parts

Heart, blood and liver, radius, ulna, spinal column, heart, spinal cord, vertebrae.

Common Diseases for Leo

Digestive troubles, dyspepsia, diabetes, locomotion ataxia, swoons, fainting.

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